Community Led Action To Revitalise The Dock

CLEARED is a community group created to revitalise Preston Dock.

In the short term we want to solve the problem of the blue-green algae and improve the water quality in the dock. We believe this will revitalise the area by encouraging further leisure and commercial opportunities in the long term.

We began by calling a public meeting in early November 2019 to share our ideas and to seek support from the community. Over 20 people volunteered to help with fundraising, publicity, project management, and more, and so we are now busy refining our plans and pushing on with the project.

We are continuing to consult and negotiate with the various stakeholders. The dock is owned and managed by Preston City Council, whilst the Marina has rights of access to the water. The presence of blue-green algae in the water over many years has meant the council does not deem it safe for water contact sports. You will, however, see the occasional yacht in full sail in the 40 acre marina; the Sea Cadets and Fire Service participating in drills; and Preston Dragons in action on a regular basis in their colourful dragon boats.

Eliminating the algae will enable a wider range of water sports to be offered to Preston residents and visitors alike.

However, this project will take years rather than months and will require significant fundraising and a committed volunteer workforce. We will tackle the work in phases as funding permits and will keep volunteers and residents updated on the progress made with regular updates here and on social media.

In the long term we want to revitalise the dock and its surrounding area by encouraging further commercial and leisure opportunities.

Nov meeting 2019 v5

In the short term our aim is to improve the water quality in the dock and solve the problem of the blue-green algae.

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